MEV'S Atelier was founded in October 2017 by its designer Mevsim Türker Yazman. With its extraordinary format that is totally based on the utilization of quality hand craftsmanship, each MEV'S bag teems with a huge love even in the phase of production. Our bags, each of which is completed using high- end materials with great effort, provide their owners with the formula of effortless elegance at every hour of the day. They get inspiration from geometric forms and combine it with exclusive hand craftsmanship. Our bags aim at women who bear extraordinary spirits, are against the usual, mechanized forms of the fast life, and attach importance to hand craftsmanship and quality.
In an air travel, Mevsim Türker Yazman sees a woman wearing a bag her grandmother used to wear in her childhood. That grandma's bag, which was put on jeans and t-shirt, was as if unobtrusively beamed to the conditions of 2017 She sets her mind to bring this trend back and wants to modernize it by integrating with unprecedented designs. She integrates quality hand craftsmanship with high-end materials to create unique bags and starts up Mev's Atelier. And she puts secret clues from the cinema love in her into each bag she creates. Mev's Atelier is the realization of a dream with its distinctive and high-quality bags. 

"Designer Mevsim Türker’s handbag designs are inspired by one her grandmother used to carry. She has taken the geometric shape and updated it for modern life, in finely crafted leather. Expect the unexpected from this Istanbul-based brand’s range of modern classics, from hexagonal cross-bodies and buttery soft totes to angular small handbags that will be the focal point of any look. Modern classics that are available to be shipped to the UK and worldwide." - ELLE UK